DuraTech Industries manufactures industrial grinders and tree chippers for all of your grinding, mulching or chipping needs. These machines can handle logs, whole trees, wood waste, brush and much more.

Caterpillar tracks and engine. Augers or belly belt.

DURATECH INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. “A tradition of innovation since 1966”


DuraTech Industries International, Inc. (Originally Haybuster Manufacturing) was established in 1966, and was initially located in Minot, North Dakota. The founder of the company, Joe Anderson was a rancher and farmer who recognized the benefits of grinding hay for his livestock herd. However, the grinders available then were too large and expensive for the average rancher or farmer to own and operate. Joe’s vision was to build a tub grinder that would better fit the agricultural application, thus beginning J&J Manufacturing which was subsequently named HAYBUSTER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. In the early 1970’s, HAYBUSTER was relocated to a larger facility in Jamestown, North Dakota (now 46 acres and 206,500 sq ft under roof) where extra emphasis was placed on expanding the company’s product line. During this time, additional hay processing and handling equipment products were developed. Additionally, other agriculturally related products were developed by HAYBUSTER, including “no-till” drills, undercutters, and rock pickers.

In the late 1980’s, HAYBUSTER focused its innovative expertise toward development of an industrial line of products, as the need for recycling and composting emerged, and demand for industrial tub grinders increased. Thus, with over thirty years’ experience in manufacturing tub grinders, HAYBUSTER expanded into the industrial market with its more rigorous and demanding product requirements (which led to the present DURATECH INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC.). Today, the industrial product line(DuraTech) includes a full range of heavy-duty industrial tub and horizontal grinders ranging from a 9 ft.- 325hp tub grinder up to a 12 ft- 860hp tub grinder with grapple loader, and has introduced a new model; the 9564 Horizontal Grinder with 950hp. Also provided are a multitude of custom options to meet unique customer requirements.

Currently, DuraTech Industries markets over 20 products through its North American and international dealer network. This network of over 600 dealers worldwide includes industrial distributors and agricultural implement/ equipment dealers who sell and service the diversity of products offered.

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